Why us?

Like you, we have passions. Golf. Theater. Travel. Family. Charities. Passions are what we look forward to and wish we could do more often. Our role is to help you do just that: do more of what you’re passionate about.

At First Financial Associates, we excel at listening to our clients and learning their unique needs, dreams, and fears. We want to be your guide through the financial world, and know that understanding you is the key to that journey.

How are we different?

We are an independent financial planning firm.  This means that we represent you, and not any company or product.

Unlike most firms, we have no client minimums and there are no initial consultation costs to meet with us and benefit from an independent perspective.  

Let’s plan this journey together!



Retirement Planning

Retirement doesn’t come with instructions.  You need a retirement plan.  We can help you create that plan, and then we’ll work together to achieve the retirement that you deserve.

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Education Planning

Planning for college has its own challenges and we will help you navigate this process.  From 529 plans to what types of assets count for what on the FAFSA (the Free Application for Federal Student Aid), we can help you.

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Insurance Planning

If there’s one thing certain about life – it’s the uncertainty that living it brings.  We will help you navigate what insurance coverages are best for you, from life insurance to Medicare.

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Professionalism. Expertise. Family. Independence.

First Financial Associates.


Jeffrey B. Snyder, CFP® |
Here is my current thinking: I am frequently talking with clients firmly placed on both sides of the political aisle who believe that the political quagmire we are in as a country precludes the possibility of meaningful economic and market gains. I have a client who wanted to move completely out of stocks in May 2023 due to the pending breach of the U.S. debt ceiling, to others panicking about periodic government shutdowns and the...
Jeffrey B. Snyder, CFP® |
Ok, back to the markets. There are three main points I want to make: 1. We are just now moving from seasonal headwinds to seasonal tailwinds. The market is historically likely to rise between now and sometime in later January, so that is prospectively good news. 2. In the short run, we recently bounced off of the 4,220 level in the S&P 500 for the second time in a month . As I write this...
Jeffrey B. Snyder, CFP® |
I have two quick personal stories to share with you. In the first, I look good. In the second, I don’t. But they both relate to one’s personal feelings, and that’s the topic of today’s post. A guy I barely knew was in a social networking group with me about about 11 years ago - I’ll call him “Roger” to keep him anonymous. Roger worked as a manager at Burger King, and was well known...