At First Financial Associates, we have a set of guiding principles that influence everything that we do. Our mission, strategy, and relationships are all based on these four principles:


We will always provide individualized service and care to each of our clients. You should expect to be treated with respect and attention. We follow strict procedures to protect your privacy and value your rights. Should you have any questions or concerns, they will be addressed immediately.


We strive to be your comprehensive resource for any financial issue in your life.  While we can assist you in all matters investment-related, we can also help you plan, budget, learn, and save.  Through our professional connections we can help you with health insurance, Medicare, tax, and legal needs as well. We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere where clients are comfortable coming to us for advice on a wide variety of questions – financial or not.


We are a family and community-oriented business.  We treat each other and our clients like family, and enjoy participating in and helping our communities.  Just like a family member, we care about you and want to help guide your financial journey.


First Financial Associates is an independent firm.  This means that we represent you, and not a particular company or product.  We believe that we excel at surveying the marketplace to seek the best products and ideas and bring them to you.  You can feel comfortable knowing that we will steer you towards solutions for your unique needs and situation.


We are upfront and transparent with how we are compensated. Depending on the situation the answer may vary - but typically we are compensated through commissions, asset-based fees, or flat annual financial planning fees.

We hope that you spend some time with us and learn how we can make a positive difference in your life.

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